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AI-driven experience to unlock benefits for caregivers and agencies

Our innovative blend of Cognitive AI and Automation is revolutionizing caregiver hiring and retention, enhancing service quality, and promoting health equity.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to use the power of AI to create a level playing field for the home-based care agencies and caregiver community to serve more patients, ensuring a resilient and thriving future.

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Hiring new caregivers at the speed of business and retaining them longer are not feasible with the traditional methods

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Of all candidates are contacted in the first two days of applying to the role, resulting in losing them to competition, including non home care companies.

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Of the candidate fits the role based on pay offered, skills matched, and timing proposed; requiring the hiring team to vet several candidates before finding the right match

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Drop in the candidate between making the offer and taking the first shift due to delay in onboarding and finding the patient matching their preferences. 

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what we offer

We have developed series of AI-powered solutions to help streamline the caregivers and agency experience

Pre-Screen @ Scale

The hiring team spends endless time collecting hiring leads from multiple sources and discussing with as many candidates as possible for suitability with a meager success rate.

Our solution helps deliver zero-touch lead aggregation to have real-time personalized conversations with candidates and feed the results into agency ATS/ CRM.

An additional powerful and inclusive feature is to allow candidates to converse in their chosen language to bring a larger pool of qualified workers.

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Seamless Onboarding

The journey between accepting the offer and earning can be painstakingly long, opaque, and difficult to complete, leading to heavy drop in the funnel. 

Utilizing automated workflow to initiate state level credential and other background checks allow agency to focus on exceptions

Running agency or state level assessments along with regulatory forms completion on the phone gives better experience and faster onboarding.

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Caregiver - Patient Matching

To keep the caregivers engaged, we need to find a patient and a visit that aligns with their needs from timing, skills, and preferences. Meeting all of them for all caregivers is impossible for the agency office.

Our human-in-the-loop reinforced learning model analyzes the patient needs, caregiver preferences, skills, and historical data on good and bad matches to predict caregiver-patient compatibility

The agency office can always override the recommendations that models use to learn and improve the accuracy next time.

The science behind the recommendations and communication channels creates a seamless experience between the caregivers and the agency.

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Caregiver Analytics

Monitoring candidate to new hires to veteran caregivers journey decisions to predict potential churn and propose next best action.

A bird eye view for the Agency Director to stay on top of the hiring and retention operations.

Equipped with early warning signals and recommendations empower the operations team to take informed decisions.

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What are you waiting for?

To find out more on any of the solutions or discuss your situation; please reach out to us.